Tuesday, June 11, 2019

News from our Network

Recognition Gala

On May 10th, our network threw its big annual party, the Recognition Gala. The event recognizes and celebrates the good work of our experts and clinics. Here are some images of this effervescent and memorable evening.

ASP Île Perrot

On May 17th, our young Île Perrot clinic celebrated its first anniversary. We wish them great years ahead!



ASP Vaudreuil

Our Vaudreuil clinic is so proud to sponsor athletes from the region that they are now on a wall at the reception area! A great way to showcase local talent.

ASP West Island

Attention to all future moms!

Our West Island clinic now offers prenatal massage.

If you are pregnant, this type of massage will help you relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make you feel great.

It's tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, and our massage therapist Jodi Pichovich adjusts her techniques accordingly.

If you are pregnant and feel any discomfort, Jodi will help you with her magic hands!

To make an appointment with Jodi or for more info:

(514) 624-2424 / www.actionsportphysio.com/en/clinics/west-island/

ASP Repentigny


Marie-Ève ​​Chaussé, a new physiotherapist, has been part of ASP Repentigny's team team since the beginning of April. Welcome!


Marie-Anne Léveillé
Congratulations to physiotherapist Marie-Anne Léveillé for successfully obtaining her certification in sports physiotherapy. She also received the David Magee Award for Excellence, awarded to the student graduating with honours. Congratulations, we are proud of you!

Congratulations to Simon L’Heureux, who now holds a degree in osteopathy!

Congratulations to Charlie Fougères and Marie-Ève Chaussé for participating in the 2019 Canadian Physiotherapy Association Awards!

On May 13th, Collège Assomption held a gala for its athletes, at which physiotherapists Marie-Ève ​​Chaussé and Charlie Fougères, two alumni of the college, presented the Coach of the year award. Congratulations to Tommy Asselin!

Event Coverage

Physiotherapist Charlie Fougères covered the end-of-year show at a dance school on May 25th at Théâtre Hector-Charland, where she had the opportunity to represent the ASP banner, in addition to offering treatment to the injured artists.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

News from our Network

New Action Sport Physio Clinic in Laval West

The interior work is progressing rapidly at our brand new clinic in Laval West, which is scheduled to open in a few weeks.

We can't wait to introduce to the people of Laval and the surrounding areas our wonderful and competent team of therapists and health professionals!

For more information, visit the clinic's page:


or follow the clinic on Facebook: www.facebook.com/asplavalouest/

ASP Montreal Downtown

Dr. Chris Haydon

New Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Chris Haydon has joined our team. He already has more than 25 publications to his credit and practices surgery at St Mary's Hospital and LaSalle Hospital. He joins our team of 2 orthopedic surgeons to provide quick and efficient access to patients at the ASP Montreal Downtown clinic and the Action Sport Physio network.

New Orthotist

To complement and support our team of orthopedic surgeons and to develop our knee clinic, we are fortunate to welcome Peter Bukachesku, a fantastic orthotist from Miami, Florida, who joins our team of experts to offer custom-made orthoses of exceptional quality in a very quick time-frame.

This great initiative allows us to better improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of our service. We welcome Peter, who comes to us with more than 30 years of experience in the field and with the new generation of custom footprint scanners.

Neurological Physiotherapist

Kedar Mate, our physiotherapist specialized in neurology, has received his Ph.D. from McGill University and is now offering an outpatient neurology service as well as home care services.


We would like to welcome our new occupational therapist Kevin Caporuscio, who continues to develop our occupational therapy service.

A kind welcome to Elodie Momessin and Félixe Dionne, our two new assistants at the reception desk. They provide support to our senior admins Kim Pantridge and Kelly Kidney in order to strengthen our evening team, and are two fantastic women who bring a ray of sunshine to all our patients.

Physiotherapist Kedar Mate, occupational therapist Kevin Caporuscio and reception desk assistant Elodie Momessin


Physiotherapist Rémi Bergeron pursues his training in France and Canada for the running clinic.

Support for Circus Arts Performers

Patrick Handfield, physiotherapist and owner of the clinic, offers individual training to all circus performers who are members of the "En Piste" group to better support professional artists. This initiative is funded by the Circus Arts National Network.

Physiotherapists Patrick Handfield and Rémi Bergeron

Celebrating 25 years!

The clinic celebrated its 25th anniversary in a big way just before Christmas, a celebration that was a memorable event for everyone. Long live ASP Downtown!

ASP Repentigny


The ASP Repentigny clinic welcomes our new physiotherapists Élisa Breault and Charlie Fougères. They quickly became a part of our big family, and we are very happy to have them on our team!


We also welcome members of the newest generation of ASPR. Congratulations to our physiotherapists Geneviève Grenier and Catherine Janson, who gave birth to a little boy and a little girl, respectively, and let's not forget Hugues Fontaine, the group's new dad, who came by to show us his son.

Congratulations again to Hugues Fontaine, who now holds the position of Clinical Director. He knows how to make great use of his organizational skills and his attention to detail to help lead our wonderful team of therapists.

Medical Coverage of Sporting Events

For the second season in a row, Marie-Anne Léveillé is the head physiotherapist for the Carabins volleyball team at the Université de Montréal. She has been following this team for 6 years now. We will be able to see her use her passion to help injury prevention in this sport at presentations given to clubs in the Lanaudière region.
Jean-François Mathieu, physiotherapist and owner of the clinic, is heading to Lima for the XVIII Pan-American Games, which will take place on July 26, 2019 and which will consist of 16 days of competition. Jean-François is also preparing for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020!

A Friendly Game of Hockey

On February 1st, the clinic took part in the 3rd edition of the Classique hivernale winter event organized by the Collège de l'Assomption. ASP Repentigny's Sartorius team, consisting of Hugues Fontaine, Charlie Fougères, Kim Aspirot, Élisa Breault, Simon L'Heureux, Simon-Philippe Goyette, Élizabeth Rousselle, and Marie-Eve Chaussé, won! Congratulations to all players!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

News from our Network

Consumer Choice Award

We are proud and happy to announce that the Action Sport Physio network has won, for the 9th consecutive year, the Consumer Choice Award for the Island of Montreal.

We thank you for your trust! 

ASP Montreal - East End

New Therapists

The ASP Montreal - East End clinic recently welcomed two new therapists: physiotherapist William Lippi  and occupational therapist Jenujah Vadivel.

William studied at McGill University and received a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation in 2017 followed by a Master of Science in Physiotherapy in 2018. As part of his master's project, he worked on a pan-Canadian survey distributed through various provincial associations across Canada of health professionals involved in stroke care, with a focus on post-stroke fatigue.
See his profile

During her studies, Jenujah had the opportunity to gain experience by treating a variety of clients including cases such as adults with orthopedic or muscle problems by offering rehabilitation to return to work. She has also worked on cases of pediatrics with developmental disorders, adult mental health, and community rehabilitation in a women's shelter.
See her profile

William Lippi and Jenujah Vadivel from ASP Montreal - East End

ASP Repentigny

New Therapists

The ASP Repentigny clinic welcomes four new therapists:

Élizabeth Rousselle, physical rehabilitation therapist
Stéphanie Richer, occupational therapist with a pediatric approach
Charlie Fougères, physiothérapeute
Isabelle Tremblay, nutritionist at Équipe Nutrition

ASPirants Run

On Sunday, October 7th, the Repentigny ASPirants Run was held for the benefit of Maison Regards en Elle. More than 25 participants, from the clinic and the network’s franchiser, took part in the event. Congratulations to everybody!

Ambassador Athlete

In October, gymnast René Cournoyer, an athlete sponsored by the clinic, competed in the Gymnastics World Championships in Qatar with our chief physiotherapist, Jean-François Mathieu. Unfortunately, René had to withdraw from the competition because of an injury.

New Partnership

The clinic is now a partner with Collège de l'Assomption. Physiotherapist Hugues Fontaine provides physiotherapy services to CLA students on site so they can receive treatment following an injury.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

News from Our Network

New Clinics

The Action Sport Physio network continues its rapid growth. Three new clinics will open soon.

 Mercier Hochelaga 

A new Action Sport Physio clinic will open this fall in the Mercier Hochelaga neighbourhood.
Located at 6072 Sherbrooke Street East — near the Cadillac metro station —, the clinic will provide health care to the residents of the Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Nouveau Rosemont et Longue-Pointe neighbourhoods.

It will offer personalized and high-quality care in physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture, occupational therapy, nutrition, and podiatry.

Visit the clinic's web page for more details


— Saint-Hyacinthe 

Our clinic in Saint-Hyacinthe is scheduled to open around September 17, 2018. The exterior of the building is almost finished and the contractor will start the interior design soon!

The clinic will offer the following services:

Private physiotherapy, CNESST, SAAQ
Sports physiotherapy
Private osteopathy
Pediatric osteopathy
Massage therapy
Athletic therapy

Clinic's web page

Facebook page


— Blainville 

The construction of the clinic is progressing well! It is planned to open towards the end of September 2018.

Clinic's web page

Facebook page


— Mont-Saint-Hilaire 

Open since June 18th, the new Mont-Saint-Hilaire clinic has been a great success since its opening.

To make an appointment in physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy or pediatrics, call (450) 464-2978.

Clinic's web page

Facebook page 


New Program at ASP West Island

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

News from Our Network

ASP Blainville

A new ASP clinic will open in Blainville in the fall of 2018. It will be located at 1333 Michèle-Bohec Blvd, in the POD Center. Its construction began a few days ago.

ASP Montreal West and ASP Saint-Laurent

Kurling for Kids

On April 7th, experts from ASP Montreal West and ASP Saint-Laurent took part in the Kurling for Kids fundraiser organized by the Montreal West Curling Club. Kurling for Kids celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and raises funds for the Montreal Children's Hospital and the Sainte-Justine Hospital.

We are very proud to contribute to such an important cause!


Our ASP Montreal West clinic underwent a makeover recently!

ASP Vaudreuil, Valleyfield and Île Perrot

Ski Acro

Jean-Christophe Nadeau and Maxime Besner
Maxime Besner, physiotherapist and co-owner of the Vaudreuil, Valleyfield and now Île Perrot
clinics, was at the Quebec Freestyle Ski Championships in Saint-Sauveur to provide first aid to the Ski Acro Quebec team.

We would like to recognize the excellent performance of mogul skier Jean-Christophe Nadeau, an athlete sponsored by our Vaudreuil clinic, who finished third in single and dual moguls!

On a wall at the clinic, we even display a little memento of this beautiful season spent with the association. All the athletes signed our awesome jacket. We are very proud!

Family Day in Vaudreuil

We are back in full force this year with the 2018 Family Day organized by ASP Vaudreuil and Espace Bien-être.

On May 19th, come and have a good time with your family at this unforgettable family-centered event!

There will be several activities, surprises, and exhibitors. Will you be there?

Check out our Facebook event for updates! (in French)

New ASP clinic in L'Île-Perrot

It is with great pleasure that we announce the official opening of our Action Sport Physio Île Perrot clinic.

Located at 237 Grand Boulevard in the heart of L'Île-Perrot, ASP Île Perrot is a young alternative medicine clinic offering physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy and occupational therapy services in a very friendly and warm atmosphere. You can count on our health professionals to meet your needs!

ASP Repentigny

XXI Commonwealth Games

Jean-François Mathieu, physiotherapist and owner of the ASP Repentigny clinic, went to Australia for the 21st edition of the Commonwealth Games. During his stay, he treated the gymnasts of the Canadian women's team.

At the same event, our athlete ambassador René Cournoyer of the Canadian men's artistic gymnastics team won the silver medal in the team competition. Bravo!


On April 10th, Hugues Fontaine and Simon L'Heureux gave a conference on the identification and treatment of concussions at the Robert-Lussier Library in Repentigny.

New Service

Occupational therapist Marie-Pier Lynch Pérusse now offers to businesses the workstation analysis occupational therapy service, done on the premises.

New employee

It is our pleasure to welcome Myriam Séguin, B. Sc, a Ph.D. student in psychology.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

News from our Network

New Clinics Opening in 2018

In addition to the ASP Blainville clinic, which will open in the fall, another Action Sport Physio clinic is under construction.

ASP St-Hyacinthe

In the fall, it will be St-Hyacinthe's turn to welcome an ASP clinic!

Located in a brand new medical center with cutting-edge technology, the new clinic in St-Hyacinthe will be located on Casavant Blvd East.

ASP St-Eustache / Deux-Montagnes

ASP Vaudreuil

On January 21st, physiotherapist and co-owner Maxime Besner gave a training session to 16 physiotherapists at the Vaudreuil clinic. Titled "Introduction to disorders of the temporomandibular joint", the course focused on the jaw.

ASP Repentigny

New service: physical rehabilitation therapist Simon L'Heureux now offers osteopathy treatments.

New employee: Karine Camarena, massage therapist, is passionate about reflexology and massages for pregnant women.

Sporting events: ASP Repentigny therapists will be at the following events to provide treatments to athletes.
  • February 1st to 4th, 2018 – Elite Canada's artistic gymnastics competition
  • March 8th to 11th – International Gymnix, the biggest international gymnastics competition in Canada
  • April 4th to 15th – Commonwealth Games – Gold Coast, Australia 
Other events:
  • April 10th at 7 p.m., Robert Lussier library in Repentigny
    Conference on concussions by physiotherapist Hugues Fontaine
  • May 1st at 1:30 p.m., CLSC Meilleur in Repentigny
    Presentation on the benefits of physiotherapy on chronic pain by Jean-François Mathieu, physiotherapist and owner of the clinic

ASP West Island

The ASP West Island clinic writes:

Our renos are done!

The last decorating touch of decoration has just been added to the clinic.

The results are very nice, even in the employees' lounge, which has undergone a makeover.

We are very proud of our therapists. This is why they are now clearly identified in a dynamic directory prominently displayed in our clinic.

On the occasion of the Olympic Games, we added an olympic bar to the squat rack and a new ergometer for the arms, to allow more functional rehabilitation in physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

An inspiring rehabilitation

Mr. Daniel Bureau, who has been treated weekly at our clinic for 3 years, told us recently that he no longer needs any pain medication.

After 26 years of suffering from back pain following an accident and several treatments in the magnesphere and in reflexology, Daniel is happy to rediscover a taste for life as he gets Back to Life!

At left, Mr. Daniel Bureau with his therapist Alain Scheldeman, owner of the clinic

A grand victory!

Congratulations to Rory MacDonald for capturing the Bellator World Welterweight Championship in Los Angeles. Rory has been treated by Christophe Szumski, our head osteopath at ASP West Island, for many years. Great team for a fantastic result!

MLS Laser

Our training session on this new laser therapy was really interesting.

Find out what the MLS laser can do for you and ask for physiotherapist if it suits your condition. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Opening of several ASP clinics

The Action Sport Physio network is growing fast. In a very short time period, we went from 20 to 23 clinics and soon to 25 and more!

Here is an overview of the Action Sport Physio clinics that have opened since the fall, as well as the upcoming openings.

ASP Rosemère

Located in front of Place Rosemère, at 30 Bouthillier Blvd., Suite 230, the clinic opened its doors in mid-October.

Its multidisciplinary team promises to offer superior quality services in physiotherapy, massage therapy and osteopathy, to athletes and non-athletes alike.

Right now, the clinic offers you 10 to 25% off their massage therapy packages.

To find out about the clinic's business hours and other details, visit the clinic's webpage.

ASP Rosemère's Facebook page

ASP Delson

Located at 10, Georges-Gagné South Blvd., the clinic opened its doors at the beginning of November and is proud to have joined the big Action Sport Physio family.

It offers high-level services in physiotherapy and sports medicine, pediatric physiotherapy, osteopathy, pediatric osteopathy, massage therapy and Shockwave therapy to the population of Delson, Candiac, St-Constant, Ste-Catherine and St-Philippe.

Until the end of March of 2018, the clinic offers its new patients a free 30-minute massage when purchasing a service.

The clinic's webpage

Facebook page

ASP Town of Mount Royal

Located at 750 Lucerne St., Suite 210, Action Sport Physio Town of Mount Royal opened its doors recently in November and offers superior quality services in physiotherapy and massage therapy.

The clinic invites you to a 5 à 7 on December 6th. Come meet the team and check out the clinic's brand new premises! Details: http://bit.ly/2j0NiS6

The clinic's webpage

Facebook page

ASP Montreal - East End

The renos are going great
The ASP Montreal - East End clinic will be at 8655 de Grosbois St. and plans to open its doors around December 15th.

Located in the Tétreaultville neighbourhood, the clinic will offer, at launch, physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and osteopathy.

Furthermore, it is also conveniently located inside the newly renovated imaSanté medical center, and the clinic's experts will work very closely with a team of medical doctors.

Kevin Chen, physiotherapist and owner of  ASP Montreal - East End invites you to watch a series of web videos he created.

The clinic's webpage

Facebook page

ASP Blainville

The ASP Blainville clinic plans to open its doors in the spring of 2018 and will be located at 1333 Michèle-Bohec Blvd in Blainville.

The clinic's webpage