Friday, May 22, 2015

New yoga studio at Downtown Montreal clinic

The ASP Downtown Montreal clinic has recently expanded and now has a brand new yoga studio.
We offer courses for all tastes and levels, and at all times of the day. Come and try one!


Course description

Iyengar matinal
60 minute course to align your body and soul, and start your day on the right foot.

Iyengar énergique
Intense 60 minute course to loosen, soothe and stimulate the body with the basic postures.

Intro - Iyengar
Introduction course : 90 minute class that introduces the client to the Iyengar style. For beginners and anyone wishing to discover the Iyengar method and deepen their practice of it.

Iyengar 1
90 minute course based on the curriculum* - Level 1-2 program, for anyone with 6 months and more of experience.

Iyengar 2
90 minute course based on the curriculum* - Level 2-3 program, for anyone with 12 months and more of experience.

Yoga - Kurunta - Régénération
90 minute course that introduces the practice of yoga using straps to support and regenerate various parts of the body.

Cours privé
Course tailored to specific customer needs, for anyone who wishes to deepen their practice, improve posture, as well as increase flexibility and joint stability.

* Iyengar 1 – curriculum: level 1-2 program
* Iyengar 2 – curriculum: level 2-3 program
Our yoga teacher Marie-Claude Gervais using straps


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