Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Pediatric Services at ASP Vaudreuil

The Action Sport Physio Vaudreuil clinic is now offering rehabilitation services for children in physiotherapy and occupational therapy. In partnership with the Centre de psychologie MC Guay, the clinic also offers neuropsychology assessment services for children.

Pediatric physiotherapy aims to treat congenital torticollis, motor development delays, motor characteristics such as asymmetries or the underuse of one side of the body and certain orthopedic conditions.

As for pediatric occupational therapy, it aims to optimize the development of independence in activities of daily living such as eating, motor games, getting dressed, hygiene and social integration at the daycare or at school. Children who are experiencing difficulties in these activities of daily living - difficulties that may be behavioral, motor or perceptual - can benefit from occupational therapy monitoring.



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