Monday, November 3, 2014

New service at Action Sport Physio Repentigny

Do you know the Padovan Method® of neurofunctional reorganisation? This method is now available at Action Sport Physio Repentigny.

The Padovan Method® of neurofunctional reorganisation (NFR) is a comprehensive approach to sensorineural development that was developed in Brazil in the 70s by teacher and speech therapist Beatriz Padovan, after 20 years of research and testing. It takes into account the individual as a whole by reviewing the steps of neuropsychomotor development and human evolution.

This method is particularly suitable for problems with a neurological component and can be applied to all ages with different goals:
  • prevention
  • recovery of functions that were lost in an accident
  • acquisition of functions that were never acquired due to a developmental delay
  • optimisation of sensorimotor integration in people with sensory hypersensitivities or hyposensitivities
  • readiness of the organism to acquire new functions
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